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Fridge low carb & low calorie Stir fry

It’s great this , as You can add whatever you have !!

That prawn was calling me ! 😂

This is a favourite 200 calorie meal of mine this one ..

I use konjac rice to keep calories and carbs low and in this one ( I used @barenakedfoodsofficial this time ) I used my calories on some prawns , 1 egg , lean ham & peas …

I whisk the egg up & cook like an omelette, then take out whilst cooking the rest …

And rinse the konjac rice off .

Cook the prawns in a little garlic, light soy and Chinese 5spice , add the chopped ham and peas, then add the egg back in with the washed & drained konjac rice …

Add a bit more spice & soy to flavour if you wish ..

And done ✅

Quick and very filling !

Hope your day has gone well ?..

It was Day 2 of my #losingit4summer today , I’ve done my exercise and this was my 200 calorie meal … I also have a bar to eat later with a brew !

I’m stil working on my water intake … but I’ll get there !

#wegotthis 💪💪💪

How’s your day gone ?

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