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Remember how awesome you are !!..

Sometimes you can have times were it’s harder ... and it’s a struggle .. but remember how far you have come !

Hello Monday !!!!!!

Looking back , to see how far we have come !!

I think it’s important to do this ,as it can keep us motivated!.. ( it definitely does me !)

Sometimes life can throw curveballs that can make you wobble ... ( we can all experience them , in one way or another....I’m having one at the moment, I won’t lie .. But I think we will all have a few on our journeys... the trick is to roll with it , dig deep & carry on the best we can !)


And Looking back can remind us how strong we have been & can be !...

So ,

This week , it’s , New week .. New goals ....

The Gyms still aren’t open up here .. but I’m counting down the days ( .....impatiently!😂) lol ...

But I’m still Just over-10st down .. And needing ,or should I say ,wanting to get to the magic number of -11st !!!!


I’ve decided my body is just catching its breath ! 🤪😂...

I’m determined to get there eventually though!


And I think together, we can !!


How’s everyone doing today ?

Hope your all feeling good !

Hope you all have the most AMAZING day !!!


And Stay strong !

And .... Remember your awesomeness!!..


it would be great if you followed my journey on Instagram or YouTube if you could !... I have lots of extra day to day bits and bobs that I’ve put on there , including videos ...

( it’s taking time to upload it all on here !!)

Instagram 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇

all my other links !


And I’m hoping to do some lives soon too !!!

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