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Hello !…

Sorry for being absent, but had a bit of time away, as life got a bit bumpy !

Hello 👋

How are you doing ?

Hope your good ?

Well, as you know , I’ve had a Rocky few weeks to say the least & I know I’ve not been as active on here (or in life in general ) for a bit , but I’m working on that , I promise 😊

I will catch up with everyone on here when I can .. I’m kind of posting when I have a quick minute at the moment.. but hopefully it will get back to normal soon x

I’m ok , but It Feels like I’ve been bashed up by life a little bit and I’m all crumpled and bent out of sorts 🤪… but I’ve tried to roll with the punches and be kind to myself at the same time … I’ve not been 100% on plan and I’ve definitely not been doing the exercise I normally do .. but I’ll get back to that … I’m still trying my best on the #💯dayslosingit challenge I set ,I’ve not been great ,but I’m determined that will improve!

I’ll just keep going until it does ! 😂

But , We all get them ,don’t we ? ..times where things go wrong , best laid plans and all that & we have to take a deep breath and although we try to stay as strong as we can , sometimes, things slide & we can’t keep all the balls up in the air , so we have to trim them down in order to handle other things.

But thats ok , it’s ok not try to juggle so many at once , we can put a few down , and always pick them up when we can again , it’s ok to take a pause , take a breath and a re - stock & start again .

So , Im still here , trying to get my head back in the game of life .

Trying to get my mojo back ( and I’m getting a little back , day by day😘)

And I will keep trying every day to improve something .

Whether that will be a few more steps done , or my diet back on track or even just taking some time out for my mind and reading a book .

Day by day ,every little improvement will eventually add up !

So. Stay strong , be kind to yourself and remember how amazing you actually are !

We have got this 🙌

I'll be posting lots of new recipes and some more fitness bits and I'll be doing some lives soon !!!

Getting my head back in the game !!!

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