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Keep going !

The bumps even out eventually!!

Morning ..

I’m findingmyhappy again ,

And reminding myself how far I’ve come ..

…well Ive always said I won’t lie , and it’s been a hard few months recently..

having to deal with a few illnesses close to me and grieving..

And I’ve got to admit , it’s taking me longer to feel my normal self again & get back to my routine, than I originally thought it would ..

A lot longer ..

..but You gotta keep trying!..

…it will click in the end ! 💪 xx

As I said before , I’m taking it day by day .. (And they do seem to be getting better ) , I have some really good days , but occasionally , I still get a bad one and I struggle with emotions, and things ..

But I am fighting hard to get my mojo back ..

I really am ..

And I’m determined to do it !!

Counting down to Christmas is in full swing and I’m hoping to have my mojo back in full swing for it ( and hopefully a beautiful dress & shoes , and to beautify myself up and feel me again .. )

( I haven’t wanted to recently,so it will do me good I know !)

Until then , I’m fighting everyday to find my smile !

I think we have to remember sometimes, we are not alone in our struggles , we all have some stuff going on , I know we do , we just have to do the best we can , take care of our mental health and not put too much pressure on ourselves..

We take one precious day at a time and Keep fighting, stay strong & remember how awesome we are!..

And remind yourself.. You have come so far .. and have done amazing.. don’t let a curveball be the end of your journey!

Hope your reminding yourselves the same ! ..


..sometimes it’s just one of life’s detours , we can come back stronger than before !

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