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Well .. it was time to face the scales today !..

Time to knuckle down..

I said I’d always be honest ,so here goes !

As you know I’ve had a couple of months of what I can only describe as life biting me on the bum ,BIG TIME !

And I’ve finally faced it .. I faced the scales .. and yes .. I gained a wee bit ,in the great scheme of things not too much .. but I have gained !🤭

I normally say the curveballs of life can get tricky , and boy they really can ,As you know from previous posts .. I’ve been dealing with losing a couple of people close to me and trying to deal with the grieving process .

Its been

a hard couple of months dealing with the cruelty of life and everything it can throw at you xx

Im not surprised I gained , I expected it actually, I’ve been off plan , more times than on ,I tried the best I could at the time , but occasionally I lost my balance & focus & fell off the pesky diet Wagon .,and as I was caring for someone & it being my main focus, I also haven’t exercised At all !


So it was daunting to face the scales .

Especially as I’ve worked so hard before🤞

Grief has knocked me sideways & for the first time in my journey, I gained a bit of weight !

I know it’s mainly water weight , as I’ve been eating a lot of carbs , ( and if I ever eat carbs ,Boy ,I really notice it in the scales !..) I can gain over a stone in water weight alone which is mind blowing!


Today was the day to face my fears😬

So.. This is me ,I’m trying to Re-focus ,& get my Mo-jo back .. (it’s working slowly , but I’m taking one day at a time .. )

I’m positive that with the help and encouragement we get on here , I will get back in no time at all .

So I’m digging deep & determined to get back to me , for me !

Thankyou for all the kind messages I’ve had ( I am working my way through them !) but I’ve had good days & bad , so I haven’t always had the time to catch up ,but I will !

So this is me , still so much better than I was before … but currently 13 st 5lb .. & Trying to Smooth my bumpy road out on my journey and get back on form !

I’m hoping I’ll be smiling more next week at check -in !

So ,here’s to us having a good week 💪

Who’s with me ?

It’s Time to kick the Curveballs butt !

We all have moments that can derail our journey .

WE ALL do ,we are only human

So your not alone if your having one ..

We just have to get back up , dust ourselves off & fight back !

Im hoping my gain will start to fall away over the next few weeks .. then I can get back to toning up and finally getting to goal !…

I’ll be updating on Instagram and fb aswell as here ..

Its time to get back on track !

My Instagram and other links are here if you want them !..


You got this.

We got this .

Have a great day xx

And remember how AWESOME you are ..

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