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It was my 2 year weightloss anniversary!!!

Whoo hoo !.. ( it’s gone quick !)

It’s my 2 year @exantediet Weightloss Anniversary today !..

And looking back is quite emotional...

2 years ago today .. I posted my first picture online to keep myself accountable ..

I was 22st 6.5lb and not living my life at all , I was hiding away from the world , on so many painkillers for my back problems and mobility issues , that I couldn’t get through the day without them !, I really didn’t recognise myself or like myself at all ..

I was sad , depressed and had breathing difficulties just going up the stairs !!.. I kept pretending to myself that it was hay fever or a cold , not that fact that I was struggling with my weight !...

But To be honest , I had lost myself completely ..

Fast forward 2 years later I’ve lost over 10 st & found myself & confidence I never knew I had !..

Today I’m 12st 4 lb and working on getting another stone off , I have been maintaining now for best part of a year .. but I’ve decided that I’m ready to tackle the last part of my journey ...

(To be totally honest ...I could of done it before, but Lockdown definitely didn’t help matters, and I’ve had a few curveballs hit me lately, so my mojo was not as strong as it had been & it kind of simmered for a bit , but as I’ve said before, the best journeys can have a few detours..right !?... )

So onwards and downwards !..

we have all got this and we can reach our final destination , sometimes there are bumps in the road , but we can plough through ..

As the poem says ... Don’t quit !

We can do it !

But I just wanted to say .. I’m so very thankful that I found all of you on this journey, you continue to inspire me daily & consider myself lucky to be part of it !


Have a fab weekend! X

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