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Here we go !….

After Enjoying myself completely and making lots of memories at the end of last year and eating whatever I wanted , and believe me, I really made the most of my all inclusive holiday … and then there was Christmas of course…


Let’s just say , I gained more than memories!


Ooops !

Only a little oops tho …

As I won’t beat myself up , for having a wonderful time ..

As I did say that I was letting myself go and I was going to enjoy each and every day … and I definitely did ..

But I’m now easing myself back into a routine…

And I’m looking forward to it!

So today I’ve had one of the NEW recipe low sugar @exantediet shakes , warm with an added shot of coffee ( I think I may need the extra coffee as my body is going to wonder what is going on after all that indulgence! !)

So cheers to everyone!

Hope your all getting your mind set and ready for a great new year !

Good luck to the next few days of getting back into a routine so , I’m getting ready to start the 6 week challenge with @exantediet …

I’m actually ready and excited to get back into a routine and I’m looking forward to having a wee bit of exercise again !!!

Bring it on !!!!

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