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Have it HOT !!

It’s so good !!

A warm & creamy toffee & caramel shake with an added shot of coffee!..

This is what I had with my 3rd shake of the day on the #letsseeifwecanshakeit challenge!..

And it was absolutely perfect 😍

I’d just got in from being out all day and I was freezing!…

So it really hit the spot !

It really is worth trying some of the @exantediet shakes warm …

I whizzed the shake , water and a teaspoon off coffee in my blender and then warmed up in the microwave…..

They can be warming , creamy & lush and still 💯 on plan !!!

Infact …. I might have to have my last one warm later too !

How’s everyone’s day been ???

Mines been ok , but I really must push myself with my water intake!!!

But , We have nearly ticked ✔️ the first day of the challenge off !!!…

Whoo hoo !!!!

Go us !!!!

Ad|Don’t forget I’ve got my discount code KATE35 that you can use anytime you like on the exante website!.. it will get you at least 35% off and an extra 10% off boxed plans … just enter KATE35 at checkout !

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