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A countdown to Easter challenge

I started it on my fb & Instagram.. and talked about it on my lives !!!…

Right !…..

It’s #monday….

Let’s do this !

It all Adds up !!!

Just think what you could do !!!?

#letsseeifwecanshakeit🐣 Easter countdown…

So , like we said , You don’t have to have just shakes .. the choice is yours ….

It could be sticking to just product ms or calories.. just the right plan for you !..

But every week .. Monday to Friday there will be a mini challenge thrown in too !

9 weeks …

Just trying to stay on plan , taking one day at a time and a different mini challenge every Monday-Friday to help us on the way !!!…

You don’t have to do every week even , just when you want too !

We make it so it fits around us !…

How does that sound ?

Just think of how great we would feel !

And what we could lose ..

9 weeks till easter➡️➡️( 17th April )

1lb a week loss -9lb

2lb a week loss- 1st 4lb

3lb a week loss- 1st 13 lbs

4lb a week loss- 2st 8 lb

5lb a week loss - 3st 3lb

THIS WEEK I’m doing the 800 and trying to hit my 10,000 steps a day 💪

Are you joining in ?

and do t forget to tune into my lives on Friday if you can !!


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