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Had a bit of a break

But I'm raring to get back to a routine

I said I'll be back on it fully in January!!…

And I am !!!

Whoo hoo ...

Here we go !!!

Sometimes a Recharge is what is needed!

A reboot can be good for the system…

I always say , we have to live our lives and make memories while we can ..

And it’s exactly what I’ve been doing the last couple of weeks .

I’ve hit the pause button and taken some time out of my usual routine.

I’ve not been on plan , and I’ve enjoyed everything I can .

I won’t lie , I was scared to do it and it was hard at first , but it was necessary, I needed some time to let go , not count the calories, not to be on my treadmill.. not be in my usual routine…

It was time for a little reset ..

And it was definitely needed !

And appreciated ❤️

So , now , after a wonderful holiday and a Christmas to look forward to , I know I’m going to be ready and raring to go in January, to smash some of the goals on my list …

To Carry on taking care of my mind aswell as my body ..

So , if you find you let go of the reins a little bit over the festive period, don’t beat yourself up …

It’s not you being bad , or naughty, it’s just living life with all its twists and turns ❤️

Just enjoy ,

Take stock ..

Reboot & recharge

( your mind sometimes needs it ! )

We are allowed to give ourselves a break , we are not doing anything wrong …

We are living life the best we can ❤️…

We can get back to our routine, when we are ready , and who knows , it might do you a world of good x

I’ll be back in the new year hoping to be smashing my goals with you and looking forward to cheering each other on !!

Happy holidays!

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