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Bring on the New year!

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

Here’s To A Fantastic 2020 !!! Well the new decade is upon us ! and it was my Weigh-day this morning!!....

I have been on this journey a while now .. and I was hoping to get my -100lb off badge for the start of the year !!!..... I didn’t quite manage it ..(damn you Festivities!!! Lol) but I got the -98lb badge for consolation! (7st) YAY !!!.... For those of you that know me , you just know I was Happy dancing all over the place !!

But a Shiny new fresh year & exciting new goals to be had !! So I will be celebrating that milestone in the next couple of weeks , I hope !

I really hope you all had a wonderful festive period and you lived to the full & enjoyed ... life is definitely for living !... I did !!! X

But I’m now 100% fully Back on the Exante weightloss train & excited to see what I can achieve and finally get myself to my goal !! I’m away to prep some 200kcal meals to keep me going ! And I’m going to posting these here later !!! ....

Stay strong & positive, and be kind to yourselves!!.... we will all reach our goals and have an amazing 2020 !!! REMEMBER ... WE GOT THIS !!!!

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Kate Cradduck
Kate Cradduck
Jan 01, 2020

Thankyou so much d.brannan05! I must admit I surprised myself that I stuck to it! You will smash it this time! Cant wait to see your journey too xxxx Good luck on the 6th and I'm just a message away if I can help at all ! xxx


I'm so annoyed with myself I started same time as u but fell off and now another stone heavier...u inspire me and I'm starting 6th Jan and hopefully I will have lost 7st like u this time next year x well done you look awesome

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