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As double selfie update !

love This place !!..

Nearly 13st lost between us so far !..

Keep going & Chase your happy 😃

It was an impromptu trip for me after work last night

( which is why I’ve not got a scrap of makeup on ,I hope I’ve not scared too many people.. 😜😱🤪.. )

No makeup picture it is ! ❤️

Every year , Me & the Hubster take a stroll around our favourite stretch of beach near us … It’s an area that has seals and wildlife galore ,a beautiful coastline.. it’s our new “Happy place” ..

And this year was no different,

apart from the fact that this year we are BOTH a lot healthier than we were before!

This is a double Selfie of us , looking and feeling so much healthier and happier physically & mentally .

We have a total loss so far of nearly 13st (182lbs) in weight between us since the first picture!

And a such huge gain of happiness & health ❤️

When we first went to this beach , I could only walk a little way before my back was hurting and I was totally puffed out ,I couldn’t hardly breathe and then I’d get angry ,sad and embarrassed all at the same time , & it would ruin it completely!

And then I’d have to take painkillers the next day , just to get up and move !

But Now , when I visit , I’m so happy 🤪, (I even did a cartwheel and was running around the sand dunes like a kid , oops !! 😜)

Goodness knows what the others thought about me on the beach !! 😜

45 years old and acting like a loon ! ( a happy one tho !)

But I just wanted to say ,there will be highs & lows , detours and stalls, but the journey is about more than just weightloss.

It will change your life in many ways ,that you never dreamed possible !

It’s definitely changed how we are .. inside and out !

We have found our inner smiles, (they were hidden or a while , but we found them again !)

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