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A little catch up ..

A little wobble but back on track !.. ( we all have them !)

Still on course .. and still learning to roll with the bumps in the road ..

Well .... What a week so far !....


I was wanting to do a glamorous picture today , as I haven’t got glammed up in a while .. but to be honest .. I’m at work with no make up , and tired and this is me today ..

So hello ..👋👋! ❤️😜

I’ve been a bit knocked off course , emotionally, for a couple of days as you know , but I’m feeling positive again ( albeit tired) ..

But just to say , that these pesky curveballs of life can come from nowhere , we all have them , I’ve had a few on my journey, we just have to roll with them , be kind to ourselves and just get back to it as soon as we can !..


If your on a journey yourself, We have to remind ourselves that this journey we are on is a life changing one , and we should try & enjoy every high & low every twist & turn .. and remember that sometimes the best journeys can give us the odd detour!

(You can tell I’m tired , as I’m rambling ! Lol 😜)


I’ve nearly caught up with messages and that ! ( I’ll get there I promise!)

Anyway ..the important thing is .. How is everyone doing ?

... And How is your week so far ? ? ?

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