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What size !?!?.... Getting used to clothing sizes again ! ( Retraining my brain !)

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

One thing I learnt over the weekend is that I’ve got to get used to clothes shopping again !...

I had to go and find a posh dress for a presentation evening..

Now before starting Exante , I would have come up with an excuse at the last minute not to go ... but that was the old me !

So I jumped at the chance of getting something nice to wear ( from a high street shop , no less!)

But I’m not so used to buying nice clothes as I’ve been just picking up the biggest size there is and the cheapest I could find .. as I wasn’t really interested..

So I have to change my ways ... as this dress, although it wasn’t the biggest size they had, by far, Was cheap and in the knock down section .. and the old me thought ,that will do ! .... And although I actually love the dress ... it doesn’t really fit properly... .( there was room to move - I actually got it on without undoing the zip ! X )So .... I should of gone for the smaller one !... But... I’m I’m not taking it back , I’m going to have the dress taken in and fitted !as I do actually love it and it is a designer dress at less than half the price ! not all bad .... And it will also give me an excuse to go shopping to try again & get another dress !!! ( Result !)

So I think my brain needs to catch up .. and I may have to start reminding myself that I don’t have to Buy a Size 26 anymore! Xx

Have a great day

And stay strong ! kate xx

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Kate Cradduck
Kate Cradduck
Jan 19, 2020

Oh it is Claire xxx I’m sure it won’t be long as your doing fabulous!! Xx you will get a definite buzz xxxx it’s all very exciting! Xxx


Clare Parker
Clare Parker
Jan 15, 2020

Must be such a good feeling I cant wait to go down in clothes sizes x

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