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A year ago today I was having my SOTS photo done with @exante !!!

We’re has the time gone !!..

#facetofacefriday #fff it’s an anniversary one of sorts ...

Eeek .. what a difference a year or 2 can make !!

My pictures from 2019 , 2020 & 2021 !!...


Today is exactly a year since I went down and had a photo shoot for @exantediet slimmer of the season ... ( the pic in blue ) (... I stayed in the most AMAZING hotel @eclectic_hotels , (that I constantly dream of going back to !!)..the 2 pictures at the top are at the start of my journey( where I weighed over 22st infact I was nearly 23 st ) , then my first stone off picture , then the bottom left was slimmer of the season picture were I weighed 13 st 4lbs .. and the one at the bottom right is today, where I weigh 12st 4 lbs !!!...

what a journey it has been !!.. there has been many ups & downs ... Covid , 3 lockdowns ... and many tough times , most of last year to be fair ! Lol ) .. but it’s also been full of happiness and positivity and I’ve learnt to love matter what .. and just be thankful I’m healthy and mobile now !! ... I’ve met many people on here that are all on the same journey and keep me inspired each and every day !!


We have to Remember..The journey can be a winding road , a few bumps in it , here & there ,it’s not always a straight line ...

BUT it’s definitely worth taking !!! And even the best planned journeys can have the odd detour .. right ??...



my Instagram if you want some more videos ( they are on my igtv section

I’m off to dig my car out of the snow !! Arrgghhh !!


And then I’ve finally got some time to catch up on here and post some recipes and vids that might help .. and reply to messages!!( if I get home from snow !!) lol

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