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The journey can be important..

Physically & mentally

Enjoy your journey!…

This is me ❤️

One picture at 22st 6.5lbs

The other at 12st 4lb

I’m At Just over 10st loss now ( the last couple of months have been a bit more challenging!) And I am wanting to get another stone off … I’m slowly Getting closer towards that goal , and I call myself a work in progress , I’m determined that I will get there eventually ..

I’ve had a few plateaus and at times I’ve stalled , sometimes it’s been harder , and once or twice I’ve lost my mo-jo 😜🤪… I’ve got lumps , I have bumps & I have a little bit of wrinkly skin .. but I’m going to try my hardest to work on that ..

But I can honestly say , it’s been the best journey I’ve been on …physically AND mentally!

I’m finding myself more & more every day and after many years of not taking care of myself & hiding away from the world and avoiding certain situations ,I’m embracing life , looking forward to my future, and I’m living my life how I should of been all along !


So it’s definitely not only about the weightloss, it’s a whole emotional package aswell !

Don’t give up ..

We can all get to our destination,

But Sometimes the journeys to get there , are very important too !

Have a fantastic day !

And remember how AMAZING you are !

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