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SPRING SLIMMER OF THE SEASON!!! (I only went and won it !!!!!)

I’m so very excited, happy & shocked all rolled into one !!! As I’ve been very lucky to have been voted Exantes Spring Slimmer of the season ! I was so very honoured to have been in the last 3 with another 2 amazing and inspirational people , but I really wasn’t expecting to win ! Xx

It’s very humbling to have won & I think I’m still in a little bit of shock ! X I get to have my very own transformation photo shoot , were I get to have my hair and makeup done ! And I’m very , very excited! Xx

Exante has been changing my life in so many ways since I first started it back in May last year and I’m so very glad that I found them !

Not only have I been loosing weight , but I’ve been making friends on their official page and my confidence has been growing day by day ! Xxx

I really can’t recommend them enough , and I’m proud to say that I’ve been following their Weightloss plan .

Thankyou so much to those that have followed my journey and voted for me ! X

I have more work to do , to get to my target , but I just know that I will achieve it , and I’m going to continue to pop day to day bits on here ,recipes and share tips and tricks Xxx

much love

Kate xxxx

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Kate Cradduck
Kate Cradduck
Jan 19, 2020

Thankyou so so much ! Xx I’m very happy that my posts have been helpful ! Xx it helps me also to keep posting xx it’s such a great group for inspiration and motivation xxx we have got this ! Xxx you will amaze yourselves you really will xx we can stay strong and finish at our goals xxx


Jan 16, 2020

Massive congratulations hun!! i remember when i first started, you were starting week 2 i think. without you knowing, your posts on the group have been my rock and kept me going. kept me strong and focused. i am so happy for you hun xxxx


Clare Parker
Clare Parker
Jan 15, 2020

Congratulations I saw this on the Facebook page you really deserve it you look amazing. I have started off well so far I can only hope to be as successful with it as you have been xx

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