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Jelly belly

My little go to treat ( to stop myself from falling off the wagon & setting fire to it ! )

These are a very low calorie treat ... or Brfor after excersise!!!

I thought I’d share with you something that I use to help me in times of trouble !!!... You know the ones, the times when it feels like you are needing something extra , something to hit the spot , a wee treat ... but your really not wanting to fall off the wagon & set fire to it aswell !!! .....

I make these up and have them in the fridge ... so I can take some out and nibble .. it satisfies those cravings ....

I make one sachet up with half the amount of water stated , so they go firmer & you can cut them in to sweetie size bites !!... and calories are so low ... it really isn’t as bad as you think !!!

Hope your all keeping well , it’s a stress time at the moment, and sometimes it takes being a bit inventive to get through!!! X

I’ll be updating lots of recipes and stories and pictures over the next few days !!!

PROMISE !! kate


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