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Fancy a Brew ? Now these are seriously good ...

On this plan , you have to Drink your water , ( I have 3 litres a day , plain or flavoured with water enhancers.... plus tea and coffee )

I have Black coffee with a couple of sweetners too ... and sometimes a skinny syrup in it .... And Beanies coffee .. which we will talk about at another time !!!

Right now , I have to talk about these ..

You are allowed an extra 100ml of milk on the 800 plan , so I save it for a special tea and coffee In the day ... Recently, I was introduced to these two Beautiful items...

And I’m absolutely hooked !.....

It actually tastes like it says on the packet ..

I thought I was dunking my malted milks into my brew whilst watching my favourite tv programme.... and it made me happy & content!...

so if your looking for something different... they might be worth a try .... you may like them or love them like me ! Xxx

kate x

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