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A little special

For those times ….

HOT CHOCOLATE @exantediet Bombs ….

Omg !!!…

Well .. what can I say !!…

A bit fiddly .. but it was my first time trying them , so I think they worked out well !!

Ive been seeing hot chocolate bombs everywhere !

Delicious shells of chocolate that hide cocoa powder and marshmallows that appear when you pour over hot water.

And if , like me , you have to watch your carb & calorie intake, you may have felt like you have to miss out on the craze !! .. I was kinda gutted …

So…. I decided to try & make some !!…

So I could join in on the fun , when the family have their ones at Christmas …

My @exantediet Hot Chocolate Bombs are lush , And all it takes is a few simple swaps & it’s easy ( ish ) to make and just as delicious as the traditional hot chocolate bomb recipe …. but with less carbs & calories 😬

So , for that special hot chocolate treat … nice to have in …

So I’m a happy bunny ..

I’ll have to make them a bit prettier, but all in all .. It tasted good !

I divided a packet of @exantediet chocolate shake up into 8 portions ( about 7g each portion 25 calories & added 5g of skimmed milk powder 15 calories 2.5g carbs )

Then I made 2 half rounds in a mould using 2 squares of @aldiuk dairyfine no added sugar chocolate melted ( so it’s 99 calories & 11g carbs a whole shell )

Then in half the shell put in the hot chocolate mix and no added sugar marshmallows and seal up other half on top , with a little of the melted leftover chocolate and pop in fridge until set ..

I’m keepsake mine in fridge in a box until I want to use as they melt quickly!

Get one out when your wanting and pour on about 200-300ml boiling water & stir vigorously…

Yum 🤤

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