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Tips & tricks I use to help me stay on plan …

I thought I’d start sharing some from my Instagram..

(there are loads on there in my guide section if you want to go have a look )


so I though I’d share my favourite one that’s quick and simple and does help …

Weightloss Tips & tricks I use …

A little trick I use When I go back on plan ( back to basic’s) .. Is this , (i do rely on this sometimes to keep me going at the start .. )

It can help keep you feeling full between meals while your getting used to it again and it helps with any headaches you may get with having less calories & sugar , with helping to replenish electrolytes …

I love the chicken ones , as it’s like a cuppa soup !

I use half a cube in hot water .. when I need .. ( normally only 1 cube in total a day as they do have carbs … )

Any flavour you like & Low salt ones even better !..

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