Hair, Skin & wrinkly bits !

Hey there !

Well since starting my journey, I’ve been reading everything I possibly can to try and help with Hair & skin care when on a Diet !

The Exante packs that I’m on, do have all the vitamins and nutrition that you need daily, but I wanted to try and help myself and my body as much as I can.

with this in mind, I started to try different things out to see what I thought.

I brought some Biotin tablets very early on in my journey (a years supply of one a day) and I take one daily without fail.

I love the fact that it’s feeding my hair & nails with the goodness it needs, lately I have found that my hair is in a lot nicer condition. As I said it’s just a personal preference, but it’s something I do take x

I have used a few Different shampoos & conditioners since starting, But I’ve recently found the one as in photo below and I love it!..

Since using it, I have found that I have much less damage and it makes your hair feel full and look shinnier! X

I decided for the time being to sticking with this for a week or so and I’ll let you know what I think.

if anyone else uses anything they recommend I would love to hear from you.

For skin creams .... Well I’m still searching! I currently have a mixture of creams in, I try to use a variety as I’m presently fighting against reduction in skin wobbles I may get through being the weight I was to losing the fat.

I haven’t an awful lot yet, while I’m at the stage of toning now thu excersise, I’m definitely in need something.

Ill be using these 2 as show below for a bit to see what I think ! Xxx ....

I have heard that Elemis pro collegen cream is amazing and I’m wanting to try, so will be trying this shortly.

Again any other ideas would be great !!!

below are some of the products I’ve got in, I’ll be trying them to see what I think, to which I’ll review when I can ...

Take care!

stay strong!

we all got this!

much love

Kate x

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