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I’m Doing the skin firming dance! (Wish me luck !!)

I wish I had looked more into skin and weightloss or ageing for that matter ! Lol ....

But I didn’t, I stayed quite happily naive at all things to do with beauty and skin, hair or body care !!! So now I’m having to learn fast! (I’m 44 soon !!!!)

It didn’t really occur to me that my skin would need some help that, after years of quite frankly ignoring it, I would maybe be regretting that decision. But here I am 8 months on plan and albeit a bit late, trying to help in some way.

So I’d been googling and looking into it for a couple of weeks, to see what wonders were there to tempt me!

I already have been taking Biotin for my hair, which I do genuinely think is helping massively (so I think it’s worth trying!)

But I’m needing some TLC for my stretched skin & little wrinkles, to try and help even a little bit but I realised I may have to save up, I’ve been wanting to try the Elemis pro collagen.. along with additional collagen tablets too! (why not treat my inside too I thought, inside and outside, a double whammy!)

Well, today my absolutely amazing and gorgeous husband came home with this !....( a early birthday present) .... and he had a voucher to use so win win !!!!( bless him , he used them on me , so he’s earnt some brownie points !!)?Xx

I was totally gobsmacked!

He had been listening to me all along! ... bless him !!!

So now I’m very excited to be able to try and see if I can make an improvement to my face,neck skin and body in any way!

I’m going to try out this for the next 14 days to see what it’s all about!

in time for my 44th birthday, I’m hoping for a miracle! (lol only joking!) ... I’ll be happy if there is a slight improvement.

I know that with losing weight my skin needs time to catch up, but I’ve heard some good reviews on the Elemis creams along with the collagen tablets too, so I’m going to try!

So I’ll be updating what I’m doing and seeing if there really is any impact all !!! I will post pictures or video updates daily ! Xx

Wish me luck !



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