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I’m doing lives on a Friday on my Instagram and Facebook…

Hello !!!!

I said that To get back on track with my #weightlossjourney , I promised that I’d do some lives on my grid , from January on a Friday, about bits & bobs we encounter on a weightloss journey and tips and tricks we have learnt on the way .. doesn’t matter what plan your on as we are all on the same journey of Truro better ourselves.. it will be a general chit chat to stay motivated.. as together we are stronger 💪💪❤️.. & I thought it would help , not only myself , but anyone else who would like to join ( as it’s always nice to get ideas and tips from others that are on the same journey!)


So if you are interested .. keep an eye on my posts ,so far I’m doing every Friday at 6pm .. if you can’t make it then just look for the catch up video on my pages as I’ll Always post them xx

Hopefully see you there and we can keep each other motivated!!





I’ll be there live at 6pm xxx

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