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i thought I’d share the link as I’m not sure how to add to here ( yet !)

Ive been creating videos on my IGTV on Instagram for ages and I’ve started to upload to YouTube...

But this one is a brand new one of me starting from the beginning of my story !..


Well it’s taken All day to try & figure out & load !...


So I hope it’s done ok !...


As you know I’ve been uploading video my IGTV on Instagram since the start of my journey ( 18 months ago !) but I’ve finally got brave enough to attempt YouTube! .. my YouTube link is in my bio in the linktree at top of page !.. it would be fab if you wanted to see !


This is a NEW video .. talking a little bit more about myself!... ❤️❤️

Hope your all having a fantastic day and I’ll be catching up now as it looks like I’m back in internet land ! Xxx

And it’s cheeky to ask , but It would be fab if you susribed to my YouTube ! ❤️❤️❤️

my link to new video!....


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