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YouTube & catching up on here too !..

just thought I’d share ..

Im catching up with all of the messages on here ( it’s been a bit buisy ) but I should be Finally Caught up again by the end of the weekend... ( sorry for any delay but I will answer I promise!)

But I thought I’d let you know that I’m updating YouTube aswell ( and trying to get the hang of it !)

I feel a bit old to learn , but I’m trying my best ! Lol ..

Im still learning , day by day .. but I am about to start posting videos and things on there too ( I’ve popped a few on already, but I’m about to start posting regulary , so if you want to subscribe on there , to keep up to date with bits and bobs .. it would be really fantastic!!!.. ( I need all the help I can get and it really would be much appreciated!! )

(Ive been told thats what I need to aim for .. people to subscribe!!.. ( it’s all new to me !!) lol 😂 )

But if you want to .. here is the link xx


have a fab day and as I said , I’ll be all caught up with everything and more recipes and videos to go on by this weekend!!

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