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You only fail if you give up trying !..

We all have those blips ...

“You only fail if you stop trying..”

That is One of my favourite sayings I’ve heard since I started my journey , and it the truest thing I’ve heard !

I’m over 10st down & can still have those days !!..

I’ve said before, that sometimes your journey can be that little bit harder at times , & I’ve talked before about the “dreaded curveballs “ & definitely had a few times like that myself!

.. Were life’s many curveballs , can hit you harder than normal and make you have a little wobble ... & sometimes, briefly, you can fall off , well, that’s ok ... wobbles can happen,the only thing we can do is ride it out , be kind to ourselves...and get back on as , soon as we can !..

We all have those moments when you can fall off the wagon ..can’t we ?? ( so to speak ) ..

But remember ... It’s not failing, and you are definitely not alone ...

We are all here , on our journeys, just taking one day at a time ...

So this is me .. Digging deep & looking back at how far I have come , watching my smile grow behind my eyes and reminding myself to keep going !

This is just to say , If your having a tough time , remind yourself why you are on your journey, and look back at how far you have come ..

And REMEMBER ... You have so got this , it’s just sometimes your only human & blips can happen !

Just make sure that stumble in the road , isn’t the end of your journey.. it’s just a detour ..

Have a fantastic day !!

Because you are AWESOME



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