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You are Amazing

Keep going …

Incase you needed to hear this today ..

Your amazing..

….keep going !


Put that smile on your face and shine how you’re ment to !

Losing weight is a journey, it has many winding roads , it can have detours, roadworks and traffic jams, but if you keep on track , you will get there in the end !

As you know , I’ve had a few traffic jams on the way 🤪🤪.. but I’m still en route to my goal !..

Still here , still trying ❤️

I think sometimes we can put so much pressure on ourselves to be perfect, we can be our own worst enemy, we want to get it done too quick , And we can beat ourselves up to easily for the odd bump & slight detour that we have , we compare ourselves against others and can get down about it ..

We have to remember,

We are all different,

We will have have different journeys,

With different highs & lows ..

Just remember…

Be proud of yourself, every day you show up !

Your doing great !

Keep trying , one day at a time …

We have come so far already , don’t let a bump in the road be the end of your journey..

As always , my DM,s are always open , and the livestream for a natter is on Wednesdays !

( I’m still trying to catch up with messages , but I always get there in the end ! … )

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