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World Baking day !!

Let’s bake .. but just find healthy swaps !!

You might of guessed, I LOVE to bake !!!..

(“ no, really kate ?..” I hear you say ! 😂😜.. )

And today is #worldbaking day ..

(1, I didn’t know there was one ..& 2, YAY !!!)

Anyway .. as you know I’ve been on a mission to get to my target weight and have so far lost over 10 st .. I’ve been on Exantediet with some extra recipes alongside it ..

But I never stopped baking ..

I just swapped out ingredients & try and come up with healthier alternatives!..

And packhacking is my Thing !

Lol ..

So I’ll be uploading some more I’ve done from my Instagram.. or if you want to go and look at them yourself.. here is the link !..


And I thought I’d share this too ..

Here is the Blog from @exantediet that has some recipe on for #worldbakingday ( a couple are from me ! )

and some links to other bits and bobs , YouTube and Facebook and other bits too !!

So hope you all doing fantastic!...

And just remember.. you can always find healthy & different tips & tricks to keep you motivated! Xx

I’ll update some rein here when I get home from work !!


Hope your all well and

I’ll catch up later when I can ❤️!..

it’s been a crazy crazy week !! Xxx

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