When to weigh , if you do ..(now this is a tricky one) ( and your own personal choice to make )

I don’t know about you, but I read all the helpful advice on when you should weigh, and that your not to do it too often or obsess over the scales.

Then my brain promptly decided that I would not listen to said advice and I’d do it my own way! Lol

So I have an admission to make, im a daily weigher ! ....I cannot lie !... I get on it in the morning & I know i can be anything up to 2-4lb heavier before I go to bed.

BUT...(and this is important)... I don’t ever fret about what it says as I just like to see what my body is doing, and believe me it’s like a rollercoaster. It’s up & down and all over the place, but I have learnt that’s how my body is & how weightloss is with me. It’s not simple, it’s complicated and there are lots of things that can affect it, but it generally settles it’s self down and we get there in the end. I know that at certain times of the month or at diferent times of day, I will hold on to more water and food waste in the body, this can have its effects too.

My weight will stay the same one week then suddenly drop the next, (As I said ... complicated ! Lol) but I do know it will get there.

I officially record my weight every Wednesday morning to keep track,and that’s the important one.

this is also most advisable!

I will continue to carry on weighing in between, just for my own curiosity, (and like I said, it’s my personal preference) xx

So, onwards and downwards we hopefully go! Xx

Lets all be the best losers we can be!

kate xx

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