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What plan I’m on ... (And my routine ..)

I thought I’d put a post on to tell you a bit about the plan I’m on and roughly what i do ...

I should of thought about it before, but I didn’t! Lol

So now is a good a time as any ...

Im on the Exante 800 plan

I have 3 meal replacements and an extra 200 kcal meal ( either as a meal or I pimp up my packs !)

I found out early on that it suits me not to have my first product of the day until 12pm ish ( i tended to get hungry later in day so having it at these times makes sure I don’t pick and gives me more food to play with in the afternoon )

So I eat my Plan between the hours of 12 - 6 pm .. with doing this , I inadvertently intermittent fast with it too ,So .. Win Win for me !

I think it has helped a lot with the plan , as I know what I’m having and when , so it’s simple and it’s kept me focussed and on plan .

Im up and about early in the mornings, but I only have Black coffee and water until my first pack at 12 ish , then I have my next pack at 3 and I like to have two at 6 pm ( normally either a 200kcal meal and an Exante pud , or an Exante meal pack pimped up with extra calories. But I change it all the time for variety!! I drink 3 litres of water a day ( either plain or with water enhancers) and I have black coffee with sweetener (or skinny syrup) Sometimes I have a drop of milk in my bedtime coffee... x

If I go to the Gym I eat back some of the calories burnt with chicken or eggs or high protein low calorie items .

I love the fact that Exante has such a good range as it keeps me interested and I love pretty much everything they do Xx

so that’s me & what plan I’m on .

I thought I’d better let you know ! Xx

kate xx

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Kate Cradduck
Kate Cradduck
Jan 09, 2020

That’s what I have done on days that I had some evening occasions out .... xx so you should be fine ! ... we have to do this around our lives as best we can xxx


This is the kind of plan I’m trying to follow. Last night I had a dinner engagement so I had no meal replacements all day and had a high protein low carb low fat meal . So hopefully that will be Ok.

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