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Wednesday weigh !! Day 231.... And all is Good in the Cradduck House !

Well , it’s that time of week again for me ... my weigh day ....

I started this journey weighing in at 22st 6.5lb .... and Today I’m 15st 3lb !!!! YAY !!!! Xxx

so it was a 3.5lb loss from last week !!! Very happy with that !!! So in total I have lost 7st 3.5lb so far !! I’m now getting closer to the 14,s !!!! (And I can’t remember the last time I was that !! Xxx )

I thought I’d share some photos of me from when I started in May , through until now .... pictures I took along the way !! Xx

And the changes that have happened...

Its definitely worth taking your photos and your measurements... as sometimes it can really help give you a boost to see the changes with your own eyes ! Xx

stay strong everyone!! little by little it all adds up !! Xx

kate xx

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