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Where I am on my journey

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

Thought I’d share

So, this is where I am at the moment on my weightloss journey ❤️

I wanted to share this , as I think it’s important to show every bit of my journey . The highs , the lows , & all the bits in between!

I don’t know about you , but The past year was rough on me.

And it all shows on my thighs , bum and face !

And knees ,what’s that all about !?!?

My knees have become more cushioned! 🤪

Anyway…The point is , it left it’s mark .

Mentally & physically

There where Curveballs all over the place !

And to be quite honest , I couldn’t keep all my balls up in the air .

And I dropped a few !

I wobbled , mentally & physically.

My hard fought smile slipped & I struggled .

My journey hit a detour .

And didn’t go quite as I’d planned !

But this year I’m getting it back .

I’ve found it harder to get back in the zone , I won’t lie ,but I’m fighting back, taking one day at a time 💪

It doesn't matter how many times you try , the important thing is that you keep trying!

There are detours , twists , turns & curveballs to every journey (I know , I’ve got the T- shirt ! Lol 🤪)

Life can be hard , it can get messy & knock us off our feet .

We just have to make sure we get back up & try again .

So, I thought I’d show you , that even though I'm not at my lowest, I’m far from my heaviest .

But More importantly, my mentality has changed, Im stronger now ,I know that with the amazing support on here , I can & will succeed to get back where I want .

So if you had a rough year like me ,


Keep trying , take that step, no matter how small.

One day at a time .

Our journeys are not over , just a bump & a detour , that’s all !

My @exantediet journey is on going !

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