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Waste not want not !

Sometimes I forget things ! ( lol )

I hate waste ….


And I made a thick @exantediet smoothie last night .. and then had to go out ( I’d forgotten I had an appointment!🤪) - that because I’m officially older tomorrow and my brain isn’t being kind to me !! 😂😂😂

… I didn’t want it to go to waste .. so I put some @exantediet Rasberry sauce at the bottom of some Icecream moulds and poured the shake mix on top !…

And voila !….

I Got 6 tasty strawberry Icecream rocket lollies for the freezer .. so 33-35 calories for each one !…

Can’t be bad !!

No waste here !!!!

I hope everyone’s week is going well ?..

I’m looking forward to the live on Friday!.. hope you can join !

It’s my Birthday tomorrow… so I’m trying to decide whether I’m going to be on plan or not !?!?



What would you do !?!?….


Ad| don’t forget I’ve got my @exantediet discount code in my bio if you ever want to use !.. just enter KATE35 at the checkout!



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