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Try to keep smiling

Being kind to your mind !


This is me Now .. And the other sad and worn out me picture is me before my journey!

And yes , I’m smiling now and I know I’m so much happier and healthier than before ,But ,it’s not all about weightloss,it’s mindset too & I must admit I’m anxious & finding it hard to find my Mojo at the moment! I’m having to dig deep ,and some days it just doesn’t go to plan !


But that’s ok !

I think at the moment, it’s extra tough for us and the mind has had to cope with a lot too,not just the body , So , if you feel that way too ,don’t be to hard on yourself !

I don’t know about you,but I seem to be having a couple of weeks ,were I’m not myself at all !

I’m itching to get to the gym & I miss my swimming so much!

Like us all,I’m dreaming of freedom !

So I’ve decided that until I can get to the gym ( I’m hoping it’s not long now !) I’m going to crack on with my plan , not fall at the last hurdle ! eat healthy , move more , but ,take some extra care with my mind

As I’m sure that it’s going to have a bit of a shock as soon as we are all slowly released back into the real world !

So ,I’m putting myself a plan together my #emergingfromlockdown21 plan with my @exantediet packs I’m having , healthy food I’m eating and exercise I’ll be doing , but also some #selfcare and keeping the mind happy too ! ,wheather that’s relaxing pampering or reading a book or painting my nails or makeup & I’m going to stick to it until we emerge !

And hopefully emerge as a butterfly rather than a tired moth !! 🤪

For those that have messaged me about what the #emergingfromlockdown21 will be ,I’ll pop it up soon , your definitely welcome to join in , as we r always better when we are cheering each other on !

Come and join in if you can on my Instagram or even Facebook..or my YouTube!!

links are all at top of page or here ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️

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