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Try and Find something that makes you smile !

sometimes it can be hard , I know , but we have to look for the positives !

-142 lb lost so far !!.. ❤️

It’s all been a bit crazy lately for us all , and there have been plenty of bumps in the road !.. ( I think the journey has had some detours and been a wee bit harder than normal for a lot of us !)

But I’m still enjoying my journey and seeing where it will take me , I’m determined to get to goal ... with not only weightloss but a new healthier and happy me !..

So Have a fantastic day !

Stay strong ! 💪

And try and find something that makes you smile every day !



On Fridays I’m happy as I go and see my mum ❤️

.....What makes you happy on a Friday??....

ive added a lot more videos and recipes on my Instagram, if you do want to see ( I’m slowly getting them on here .. but if you want to see them before then they are here ..


be great to see you there !!...

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