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Tomatoes, ham & eggs

this was lush ! ..

Tomato , ham & eggs …

These were lovely !

I had some tomatoes to use up …

And I had seen these online…

Mine went a bit messy, as I filled them too much at first , but I wanted to show as they were lush

….and you get the idea still !


It used ..

one tomato

1 egg

2 slices lean ham

Small. Amount @eatlean cheese

Cut the tomato into rings , remove the center , put outer rings to one side & cut and chop middle into small bits.

Cut ham into bits

Whisk one egg

Spray frying pan with @frylighthq & cook rings for a minute, then add the chop tomato, ham & egg into each ring ..

(if you don’t over fill ( like I did 🤪) ….it won’t ooze out to much like mine !)

Once cooked on one side then turn over & finish until browned & then serve .

I had mine with some @skinnyfoodco tomato ketchup !

Very low calories & carb !

Il pop this recipe with all my others in my highlights & guides on my Instagram…

Hope you have a good Sunday


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