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Then & now

Coming out of my detour …

The smile in my eyes is coming back again 😊

Even though I’ve just realised that in 3 months time I’ll be 46 !!! ..

OMG !!!

46 !!!… 🤪🤪🤪🤪

So , as I probably won’t get away with doing #nomakeup selfies for much longer I’m going to own this one & embrace it !!

( I must admit , I wasn’t supposed to do a no makeup one .. I just forgot to put makeup on this morning……..that will be the age !! ! 🤭)


But seriously, this past 2 years seem to have disappeared !… ..I’ve had ups & downs ( like most of us have ) ..And the last few months ( to be honest , most of this year ) have been absolutely horrible!…

I’m still having good days and bad days ..emotions can be tough ..

But I’m still here , fighting each day as it comes ..

I think the good days and the bad days go hand in hand .. and as long as we try each day to do something better than the day before then we win in the end !..

Ive got my 10th wedding anniversary the end of next year and we are determined to make it special!..

So I need to get my bum into gear and plaster that smile on my face and go for it !

And finally get to my target..

( i know I would have been there already if I hadn’t taken a detour, but life’s curveballs got me , but , looking back , I think the detour has been needed!


What I’m trying to say , ( but doing it badly )

Is …”Next year is going to be a great one !

We have got this 💪

You are worth the time you put in …

And just think of the lovely fresh new year ahead !…

Filled with possibilities!

I’ve taken a photo this morning at the same place I took a lot of my first photos at the start of my journey..

what a couple of years it has been !


Stay strong !

As always , my DM,s are always open , ( I’m still trying to catch up , but I always get there in the end ! … )

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