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The good , the bad & the detours..

Keep plodding on …

The good , the bad & the detours !

I like to share my journey on here , exactly how it is , so here goes !

I’ve had a few people message me to ask how I keep going , & my answer is , take one day at a time !

I know that’s easy to say , but it’s true , my journey hasn’t been a straight line I take it day by day & I’m still going!

I started my journey in May 2019 & my starting weight was 22st 6.5 lb ( I was pretty much 23 st , as I was trying to hover on the scales at when I first weighed 🤭) within 14/15 months I got down to 12st 3lb And I was feeling fantastic! I pretty much maintained for over a year ( albeit the odd pound here & there )then unfortunately I hit a bump in the road ,well a couple of massive ones that put me on a detour ,a couple of life’s curveballs threw me off my plan ( I had a couple of deaths close to me at the same time as helping with end of life care , that affected me a lot more than I ever thought possible)

And the outcome was I took my foot off the pedal , I wasn’t really on plan or exercising for a few months , kept trying , but mojo was gone & I gained a bit , 2 stone to be exact (give or take ), not much in the great scheme of things , I know , but it still happened!

So now I’m back in the game , I’m still grieving & some days are better than others , but I am slowly finding my mojo again but I’m making sure I’m also being kind to myself at the same time , I’m determined more than ever to get to goal.

I’ve just had a bit of detour on my journey .

So , I’ve still got a bit to go but I’m positive that with What I have learnt the last 2 years & the people I have met on here , I will get there !

There have been huge highs on my journey, but there have also been some massive lows too!

Emotionally , it hasn’t been easy ,but I’ve learnt from everyone on here , that as long as we try our best & take each day as it comes , We will get to goal eventually !

So what I’m trying to say is,

If your struggling or if your on a curveball yourself , it’s ok , you’re not alone , we are only human and these things happen.

Detours can & will happen.

It’s how we come back out the other side that matters !


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