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The 4 week box from Exante

Thought I’d share a peak at what you get ..

I thought I’d share a sneak peak into what you get in the 4 week box from diet ..


Its the first thing i ever ordered from exante and it can be a really good desl …

So , Have a look inside The 4 week box from @exantediet ..

I thought I’d give a little sneak peak of the contents you can expect in a @exantediet 4 week box, as it may be of help ..

It has 84 meal replacements inside and a shaker with a water enhancer too !

Mixture of Shakes, soups, breakfasts & bars - all you need to try a few products and to find your favourites !

If your starting out on exante and not sure what to get , it can be a freat way to find your favourites …

Its worth £190 but you can get it for £76.99 on site & if you want to , you can now stack my code ontop and get an extra 10% ofc you basket total ! , so its even better !

Just enter

KATESLOSINGIT at the checkout !

Here is the link !


And just to say , I put all my recipes and videos and day to day stuff on my Instagram if you ever want to see !

I do lives on there too !


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