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Take comparison pictures!!

it Can help keep you focused!!


As it’s Day 14 of Backtobasics today for many ( including me ) or Day 14 For many New starters , I thought I’d share this as it really keeps me going !...

When your finding it a bit tough ... when you need some added motivation, When everything seems to have stalled & the scales don’t seem to be moving ... look back at how far you have come !.. it might be in pictures, or measurements or an item of clothing that’s a little bit looser than normal.. it might just be that you just feel a bit more healthy in yourself...


It will remind you you are doing fantastic, that your doing ok .. and everything is on track and as it should be

... It’s never an overnight fix, your journey will have its ups & downs, but if you stick with it , you will get there !..

So Use whatever Go to you need to keep on track Xx

My Go to is to use photos of my journey..

What’s your Go to ???


Keep going !

Stay strong 💪


We got this 💪💪


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