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Summer rollups

I’m glad I tried these !

Summer rollups !🍤 ..

It was these in the end tonight as I had bits to use !

These are gorgeous, i had bits to use up again in my fridge

I had some prawns, peppers & asparagus , i added some soy & salt pepper seasoning some 5 spice & sesame seeds, cooked it all in the pan together , then used the rice paper that i’d got (you Just soak the “paper in a little water on a plate for a few seconds both sides ) & wrap away ! 🤤So good & it used what i had left in the fridge , so no waste & saving the pennies !

And perfect for a Friday night treat !

I’d been wanting to try these wraps for a while & im glad I did .. ( they are really cheap on @amazon !) I’ll be trying them with different fillings that’s for sure !

Happy Friday and happy #weekend !

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