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Sugar free chocolate

A new recipe I tried ….

Homemade sugar free chocolate

( virtually no carbs !!!)


I tried a new recipe for my Easter chocolate this year … this one is a quick and easy one that really hits the spot ..

Instead of using Chocolate drops , it used cacao powder and cacao butter with some sweetener…

It worked really well !..

100g cacao butter - 894 calories 0g carbs

50g cacao powder - 164 calories 7.2g carbs

50g @nkdliving powdered Erythritol - 0g net carbs & calories


Melt the cacao butter in a pan, stirring continuously.

Add the cocoa powder and powdered erythritol and stir until combined.

Add any flavours you want (orange zest/pinch cinnamon/pinch of sea salt/pinch of chili , vanilla essence and - the world is your lobster on this .. so whatever flavour you like !

Fill into a silicone chocolate mould to make chocolate bars. Or pour onto parchment paper to make chocolate bark/clusters.

Freeze 5 minutes until set.

Then you can get adventurous and add toppings of choice …

Again .. whatever you like ( just remember that the calories & carbs will have to be added on !)

It's not necessary to own a chocolate bar mold to make homemade chocolate either ,

you can make sugar free chocolate without them .

Add your addition to the mixture and then Spread the mix on a firm surface lined with parchment paper. Cool in the fridge or freezer until set....

Then break apart into chunks …

You can Add chopped nuts and seeds or homemade granola, peanut butter swirls , dried fruit ..

Totally your choice …

I added some chopped nuts and some freeze dried strawberry, crumbled low calorie biscuit , raisins & hundreds & thousands…

I got I big bar ( 24 segments in it ) and 12 mini bars and 6 chocolates …

So 1058 calories divided by 42 bits .. which works out to be 25 calories each and 0.01g carbs !!

Obviously count the extra in any toppings you add ..

I have lots more recipes on my Instagram..

And here is the link to the video of this one …


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