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Stuffed peppers

A lovely idea for low calorie money saving meal

Stuffed peppers

These were absolutely lush !

I have stuffed peppers quite a lot actually.

I stuff with anything I have leftover from mushrooms to rice , anything to save waste & save pennies!

All you have to do is put some cheese on top & cook in the oven & you have a perfectly healthy tasty meal .

I made a big batch of low calorie chilli con carne ( I’ll pop recipe below ) and I knew that I had enough to make an extra meal with my peppers .

I just cut the peppers in half , hull them out & put the fillings in the middle & topped with @eatlean cheese, & then cook in the oven at 180 until the peppers are soft and cheese is bubbling ( mine took about 35 minutes)

Recipe for Low calorie chilli con carne


@aldiuk Turkey mince or low fat beef mince ( 500g)

1/2 onion

Tin kidney beans or mushrooms

Tin chopped tomatoes

Tablespoon of tomato purée

Chopped garlic or garlic powder

Tablespoon chilli powder ( I like mine hot so add whatever level of spice you prefer!)

1x stock cube

Chilli flakes

100ml water

50g @eatlean cheese for toppings


Cook lean mince or Turkey mince ( I use lean Turkey mince from @aldiuk ) with chopped onions, garlic, chilli powder & paprika until browned ,add chopped tomatoes & some tomato purée & simmer in a pan.

Add your kidney beans ( if your using ) -you can add mushrooms instead if you want it more #lowcarb.I added a beef stock cube with some water at this stage too , to give it a more rounded flavour.

Then while the meat still simmering,I added some chilli flakes as I like mine hot ! ( that’s optional )

Then whilst cooking off , you can prepare the peppers for stuffing!

And as you get a lot of chilli , you can have it for a few different meals ( I portion up the extra and freeze )

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