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Strawberry cheesecake overnight oats

It was really good x

Protein cheesecake overnight oats

…using @exantediet & @fage_uk

Well, it is #valentines day so it’s pink !

I used @exantediet oat mix and a strawberry shake ..

This is for one portion…

So adjust accordingly…

150 g fage - 76 calories & 4.5g carbs

1/2 pack exante shake (what flavour you like)

100 calories & 8g carbs (depending)

20g strawberries 7 calories & 1.5 g carbs

1x scoop @exantediet oat mix 100 calories & 11g carbs

100 ml water

So each portion is …

283 calories & 25g carbs ..

Crush the strawberries up and put on bottom of jar

Mix the oats with 80-100ml water ( depending on what consistency you like ) and put on next ..

Then Mix 100g of the @fage_uk Greek yogurt with the @exantediet shake mix and pop on top

Then Put the another 50g of @fage mixed with @exantediet strawberry flavour drops on top

The strawberry one I made , is for one portion, (Me !!!)

And the cookie & cream is for 2 ..

.. i topped with a bit more of the strawberry and a piece of no added sugar chocolate!

.. ( that’s a few extra calories tho !)

Not bad for a treat on Valentine’s !

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Just enter KATE35 at checkout!


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