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Starting to Live my life at 45 !!

Better late than never eh !?..

Well it’s Friday again !!

I hope your week has gone well !..

I was getting a #facetofacefriday post ready .. and instead of noticing just the weight I’ve lost ..

I also noticed the sadness I had lost aswell ! I put on some red lippy and took a picture!.. ( it’s surprising what a bit of colour can do to your mood !)

When you look at my eyes in the first photo, Im just so sad !!.. , i was constantly in pain and had mobility issues , and I just had a feeling of getting old before my time, and just being present in life , rather than living it ..

Now I’m smiling and feel sparkly !..( if that makes sense!?) ..and have such a different outlook and energy for life , I’m going to the gym .. and running !.. ( never thought I’d see the day !)!..

It’s like I’m 45 and ready to live my life how I should have been all along !..

It’s not always about the scales .. it’s about your mind & wellness.. your health & happiness, and loving yourself completely ❤️

I can’t wind back the clock & get those years back .. but I can promise myself that I will live my life to it’s fullest from now on !

We all deserve to be the happiest we can be xx

( sorry to get slushy xx.. but i woke up feeling grateful!x)

Have a fantastic weekend!! X

And remind yourself how awesome you are ! Because you are !!!

Don’t forget I’ve got some more recipes and things on my Instagram and YouTube! Xx

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