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Special fried Rice (Well almost!)

YUM !!! Special fried Rice Exante style !!!

Thought I’d share as I loved it !! Xxx

I used Bare Naked rice, chicken, mushrooms, Broccoli, ham , egg, soy sauce .. (as long as you count your calories up to 200 then you can vary it for a change....

I mostly use this when I’m trying to clear all the bits out I need to use in fridge !)

50g chicken 83 kcals

50g mushrooms 11 kcals

1 x medium egg 66 kcals

50g Broccoli 17 kcals

50g deli ham or ( turkey ham) 25 kcals

Bare Naked rice 1/2 packet 15 Kcals

Cook the chicken, then throw in mushrooms and broccoli and ham, take out and then cook egg like an omelette then cut it up , pop chicken and veg mix back in ... throw in bare naked rice ( after washing and draining ) then add Chinese 5 spice and soy ...... )

And my cucumber that I seem to have with anything and everything! ( years of working in kitchens.... Lol )

so this one was

217 kcals in total

* When cooking the Bare Naked rice .. make sure you wash it Thoughly , ... when you open packet you will notice a fishy smell - it’s totaly normal ! - it’s the Konjac rice .... I put it in a sieve and wash and drain a couple of times .... the texture of Konjac rice is not quite the same as normal rice ( but hey ho , we are doing this for a reason arnt we !? ... But I’ve found that if you fry it like this with your goodies ... it can make it pretty darn close , and keep you satisfied and stop you phoning up the local takeawat! Xx

I actually now love it anyway ! X

it’s yum !

kate x

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