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Sorry I’ve not updated for a while !

Hello everyone

I hope everyone is well?

Sorry, I haven’t been on here for quite awhile !

But as I’ve said before, sometimes life gets in the way you have to ride with it and then get back on plan when you’re ready …. so here I am….

I’ve had a few few things going on at home, so I have been concentrating on that

My mum had been quite unwell last year , she’s a lot better now though( thankfully)

My old injury’s caught up with me aswell , so I have been battling that also ( I suppose as I took my eye of the fitness ball , and it didn’t help !)

… and to be honest , I have been doing a bit of decompressing after it all …to take care of my mind .

But now .. I’m raring to get back into it & update all my recipes and things on here ( it will take a while , but I’ll get round to doing it , i promise!)

So now , im back on the healthy path getting ready for my holiday in a few months time .

I took part in the walking 100 miles in May for cancer research, so that was a kickstart … now I’ve got to get to grips with toning up , eating healthy foods again and losing the 3 stone that I have set myself to do!

So …

Here goes !

I’ll update on here and my Instagram and my Facebook & also do some lives soon x

So sorry I haven’t been around, but I’m back now.

Talk soon.

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