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Sorry !!!

A curveball took me off my feet !!

❤️ I had a wobble & fell off plan ❤️

It can happen at anytime!...

“ Honesty post ! “

The curveball not only hit me , it knocked me off , spun me around And I ended up & had a 3 /4 day wobble !

Even tho I’ve been on plan a while , sometimes like I say , those curveballs of life can hit you hard !

Our journeys aren’t always just about weightloss, our minds and moods and our mental health are along side it & all rolled into one , and sometimes it can all be a bit much all at once !

And the wobbles can happen !

Normally I can dodge them (I have a few things I do to keep on track )

...but I didn’t dodge this one ! ..

My Matilda dog became extremely ill and I thought I was going to lose her , and it shook me to the core ..

She has been my loyal companion through an awful lot in my life for over 10 years , helped me get through some bad times , been my baby girl .. .. so it really did give me a wobble !

But she’s back home now & hopefully on the mend

( everything is crossed 🤞)

So .. I had a pretty big wobble ..

But , as I always say , the main thing is to get back on as soon as possible.. draw a line and carry on !

So I’ll be having a back to basics reset for me this week

So I’m starting with this gorgeous bar to get me back in the zone !!..

From TODAY until next Wednesday , I’m on a mission 💪💪❤️

That’s were I make sure I weigh everything and double check that’s no bad habits have crept back in and get my mind back into focus and on the right road again ! Xx

I hope everyone is ok and doing fab ..

And remember, wobbles happen , life can happen.. it’s how we deal with them afterwards that count ! Xx


Let’s do this !


( I’ll be catching up with pm’s this week !)

So , How is everyone doing ???..

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