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Something that keeps me going ... ( it feels like a treat, but it’s totally guilt free!)

We all have to have that little something that keeps us going, that gives us something to look forward too.

Well, mine are these .... my secret weapon for staying on plan, my little hug in a mug !

I Have Black coffee most of the time , and I have sweetner in them normaly, then I discovered these... and now I’m actually hooked!...... I only have a couple a day With these in , when I get to have a sit down to enjoy them to the max!.... ... but it’s my Treat .... and I look forward to them xxx

If I’m ever feels like I need that something extra , I have a beautiful flavoured coffee, and I always keep my 100ml milk allowance back for that extra treat .

I used to have many, many Starbucks coffee a week , which with the costs and calories, was not an option anymore, so these are like mana from heaven to me !

with so many flavoured bottles to choose from , I’m sure you will find one ( or lots !) that you will like ! X



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